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We are committed to the database repair company, we are proficient in MSSQL Mysql oracle sybase access exchange interbase Firebird database physical structure, such as database loss recovery and damage repair for more than 10 years experience, the success rate of almost 100% committed to global database repair services.

We developed has lost MSSQL database restore lost oracle database recovery tools lost the mysql database recovery tool And the access sybase exchange interbase database file is missing recovery tools such as the Firebird, our software is different from other data recovery software, our software is according to the structure of the database file From disk sector pieces of sculpture, so data recovery software can not solve your trouble, don't hesitate to contact us immediately.There will be a surprise.

Your database was wrong to perform the delete from table, truncate table ,drop table, you want to restore the data?Well, whatever your database is MSSQL or mysql or oracle or sybase, we can solve it.

Demand for service OR buy database fragments carving tools and database recovery tools, please contact us immediately. China QQ 254897536  OR Email

Service Base price Recovering deleted files and photos $100

Recovering damaged disks and partitions $300

MSSQL Database Corruption Recovery $500

Mysql Innodb Recovery $800

Mysql MYisam Database Recovery $2000

ORACLE Database Recovery $2500

Sybase Database Recovery $2000

Access Database Recovery $200

Exchange Database Recovery $1500

Recovering RAID arrays and VMFS $ 1500

Interbase Firebird Database Recovery $1000

MongoDB Database Recovery $3000

PostgreSQL Database Recovery $3000    

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Supports decryption recovery of DBs encrypted by ransomware

Supports database recovery such as wallet onion WNCRY ARROW JAVA BIG ALCO and other suffixes, regardless of email address.

If your DB is unfortunately encrypted by the virus, you can download to preview your encrypted data. Use standard recovery mode. The table data can be extracted from the ransom-encrypted DB, or it can be directly rebuilt as a new DB directly used by ERP or financial software. You can also use the manual recovery method. We can directly achieve the original library decryption recovery OK, directly used by the ERP software.

Support mssql mysql oracle sybase access sqlite mongodb postgresql interbase firebird DB.

A large number of successful cases, regardless of how encryption has a solution. Welcome to consult,

mssql file  .MDF .NDF .LDF .BAK

mysql file   .MYD .IBD .IBDATA1 .SQL

mariadb file  .MYD .IBD .IBDATA1  .MAD .SQL

oracle file  .DBF  .ORA .DMP (EXPDMP)

access file  .MDB .ACCDB

sybase file  .DAT .DB

interbase file .GDB .IB .GBK .FBK

Firebird file  .FDB .dbf .FBK

mongodb  file   .wt  .0 .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .BSON 等

Exchange file  EDB STM .BAK

PostgreSQL DB file

Etc. DB file is not limited to this

And .BAK .SQL .dmp .dump .db .GBK .FBK .BSON backup files and archives file zip rar 7z gz tar and so on.

Supports all versions of common DBs.

Unsuccessful without charge. 100% can recover data such as DB files encrypted by blackmail and backup files and large archives. Do not give up. Providing the latest ransomware virus decryption and recovery services There is generally no limit to the extension. Recently there are







.{}XX .xx




















and many more

Why can I recover? There are two reasons

1 DB is completely encrypted This kind of encryption often has a file copy before the encryption completes deleting the copy file, so we can restore the file by partitioning.

2 In front of the DB, 0.01MB-up to 16MB is encrypted. We can use the table structure to match the pages to extract the DB table data.