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Mongodb database delete recovery Gridfs document recovery


Customer name an airport

Data type linux mongodb
Data size 320 GB
Fault detection misoperation causes the database to be deleted
The customer requested to restore all users and emails.
The result of the repair is that the database stores all the document data such as the gridfs image compression package, which is developed by us.
The mongodb database file recovery tool extracts approximately 320G of data from the client disk and downloads it back to reassemble the data file.
Mongodb successfully started the database to restore a total of 3.95 million gridfs documents, image compression packages, etc. can be opened.
Customer satisfaction is 24 hours.
Shenzhen Excellent Data Rescue Center Friendly Reminder: Important data must be backed up frequently, encounter data loss data corruption and other issues, to the first
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For all kinds of mainstream databases, we can do the lowest level of data recovery and data repair. For some specific faults of the database, we
Ensure that the database 100% original model is restored as it is, no matter how large the database is ready.