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Mysql database recovery MYSQL database 5.0 crash recovery mysql database ibd file data recovery


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Data type mysql 5.0 for innodb one ibd independent table space per table
Data capacity 10 GB
The fault type is powered off, causing five tables (193MB) to report errors, which the customer cannot solve by himself.
Fix the results manually to handle corrupted transactions and bad pages directly imp to our mysql environment recovery OK;
Customer satisfaction is.
Shenzhen Excellent Data Rescue Center Friendly Reminder: Important data must be backed up frequently, encounter data loss data corruption and other issues, you should contact professionals at the first time.
For all kinds of mainstream databases, we can do the lowest level of data recovery and data repair. For some specific faults of the database, we guarantee that the database 100% original model is restored as it is, no matter how large the database is ready.