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Recover dropped database mysql database drop recovery mysql recovery deleted ta


Customer name confidential

Data type mysql 5.5
Data size 14 GB
The fault detection customer mis-operation deleted the database.
The customer requested to restore the three tables required. .
The repair result is due to the fact that the database is not closed in time after the client is deleted. There is a temporary card still working, the dictionary has no available letter.
interest. We successfully recovered the three important table data needed from the ibdata1 file according to the table structure provided by the customer.
Shenzhen Excellent Data Rescue Center Friendly Reminder: Important data must be backed up frequently, and data loss data is damaged.
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For all kinds of mainstream databases, we can do the lowest level of data recovery and data repair, for certain faults of the database.
We guarantee that the database 100% original model will be restored as it is, no matter how large the database is ready.